Friday, October 1, 2010

First week done!

Ola everyone!
Disclaimer: I am writing this very quickly, so I apologize for any spelling mistakes!
I arrived safely to Mozambique on Wednesday after quite the long day of traveling. On Monday, I got up around 4 (after maybe 2 hours of sleep) to take off to the MBS airport for my flight to Philly. After a tearful goodbye, a nearly missed connecting flight, and an hour-long shuttle ride to the hotel, I arrived at staging. Staging consisted of registration, filling out lots of forms, and 5 hours of presentations and discussions about our expectations and the Peace Corps' expectations of us. After staging I went out to dinner with a few other trainees, and then spent the evening repacking my suitcases and making my last phone calls. I went to sleep around midnight, and got up again at 2 hours later to get on the bus to travel to JFK. We arrived at JFK around 6 am... a full 5 hours before our flight took off! After much waiting around, we boarded the plane and took off on our 15 hours to Johannesburg. Our next flight took off right after that, and at around noon Mozambique time, we arrived in Maputo. Somehow it was Wednesday!
The Peace Corps staff met us at the airport (we had no one with us on the flight) and from there we bussed to Kaya Kwanga, our hotel for the rest of the week. This is where I am now. It is very nice- much nicer than anything we'll see for the next 2 years! We haven't been able to leave, so I can't say much about Mozambique yet. We have just been sitting in meetings, getting shots, and getting to know each other. I LOVE it here, and I really love all the people. Everyone gets along so well and is really excited to be here. The food has been great (rice, salad, potatoes, and veggies mostly every meal) and we even have a pool. Oh, and wireless, which is what brings me here.
Tomorrow we leave for Namaacha. There we will meet our host families and spend the weekend getting to know them. Monday we officially start PST (Pre-Service Training), which is going to be pretty busy. I need to learn Portuguese, after all! I won't have internet there, and will get a phone next week, so for now I am expecting to be out of contact for a while. I will update as soon as I can! Can't wait to share a little bit more about the real country!
I tried to put on pictures, but my computer is taking forever and I really should be getting to bed. My mosquito net is waiting! So, next time I hope. Nothing too exciting yet anyway!
The song for this post is "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley. Odd choice, I know, but I picked it because I am currently sitting outside the reception of a Mozambican wedding at our hotel. There has been lots of traditional African music, some that sounds like it is in Portuguese, and then some very random American songs, including this one. I also thought it was fitting seeing as this week really has been a "rock around the clock" for me- I've had no idea what day or time it really is all week!
Thanks for reading, thanks for the well-wishes, and hope everything is going well back home!


  1. What a great surprise to find a post from my favorite youngest granddaughter! I have been checking each time I come on line and here it is. How happy I am that you are enjoying the beginning of your awesome adventure and are so excited about all that is taking place in your new life. I am so looking forward to following you in this journey you are on, dear granddaughter. Sending you so much love and the usual xxxxxxxooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Grandma

  2. Hi Hannah, Ann and I will be watching for progress and adventure updates. We're glad you're having a great experience. We'll do our geography lessons on your region to get up to speed. Keep smiling and fun... Love - UB & AA

  3. ...I take it those were immunizations, not SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS! But anyways, sounds like a great, busy time!

  4. Hannah! I am so excited to read your blog. In a couple days there's a big celebration at UM for the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps and obviously I thought of you. It's absolutely amazing what you are doing! Be safe!